MS .Net

Many Microsoft technologies with focus on .Net. Web, WebAPI. CRM and SharePoint - mostly on the backend.

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AngularJs and Angular 2-5 for Front-end adaptive UI's.

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Ionic - Mobile

Ionic framework with Apache Cordoba to create Angular based Single Page Applications for Android and iOS devices.

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Since 1993

Software (Front and Back)

My focus has been on Web front-ends with .Net back-ends. For years this was achieved with ASP.Net for the whole stack. But 4 years ago, I discovered the beauty of Angular, and began moving most of my front-end work into this framework. Ionic helped to land Angular-based applications on Android and iOS. I hope to continue working with their framework as well.

I have been employed by Procentrix for 10+ years, and hope to continue in this partnership. I will be posting Blog entries on this site that may or may not correlate to my work with them.